What is it?

This TV package is all about delivering the best of your business, your brand, your product to your target market on television! Harness the full capability of Television Advertising including airtime and the production of your commercial at a fraction of the normal cost. Your business on television a powerfully persuasive tool to grow your sales!

This package goes to air in quality spots (Daytime, Prime-Time and Fringe Peak) on Channel 9, Gem, GO & 9Life at a minimum of 31 times per week. With the majority of the audience and spend on the main station. Available at $3,400 + GST per week (PER) $2,500 +GST (ADL) $4,600 +GST (BRIS) and $11,000 +GST (SYD), including the creative, production and creation costs of your TV commercial. Each package runs for a minimum of 4 weeks. There are only 2 packages available each month so be quick to contact us to discuss when you are looking to advertise so we can make sure to get you on air. This package is a fraction of the cost you would normally pay for Television exposure and less than an a below average radio campaign!

It is perfect for the Home Industry, Fashion, Beauty, Hospitality, Tourism and Retail.  

We have these packages available in Perth, Adelaide, Brisbane and Sydney. Each state is priced accordingly to their population and audience reach.

  • Perth: $3,400+gst per week
  • Adelaide: $2,500+gst per week
  • Brisbane: $4,600+gst per week
  • Sydney: $11,000+gst per week

Amazing value for money!

Channel 7 Networks for only $3,400+gst per week. (Perth).

How we make it easy…

  • *Production: Media Today will write and produce the creative, just send us your images, logo and or vision and we will tailor make a television commercial perfect for your business! *Conditions Apply 
  • The television commercial is produced every 4 weeks, so you can, as part of your marketing strategy, change your message regularly (every month) so it stays vibrant, engaging or promotes a new product, sale or event!  
  • Media Today will work with you to develop a series of messages to communicate your brand, your product, your message effectively…. our goal is to get you great results! 
  • Media: The commercial is placed in quality programs across daytime, prime time & fringe prime time delivering excellent reach into your target demographic. Your commercial will go to air on Channel 9, GO, GEM, and 9Life 31 times per week. 31 spots per week minimum over 4 television channels means your business, your message will get seen!  
  • The above creative, production, television airtime and full Advertising Agency service is all included in the one price of just $3,400 plus GST per week. That’s television and production for the cost of a basic radio campaign…. try beating that!!!!  
  • Don’t have any images or vision? We can arrange a professional camera shoot at very competitive rates! 
  • Television has the power, the potential to set your business apart from your competitors and this package on the Ch 9 network it’s now very affordable!  

These packages sell out quickly and we only have 2 packages available each month. So be quick to get in touch and secure yours to avoid missing out.


  • PLEASE NOTE* These TV packages are no longer presented at the beginning by the Best Brands into. They are 15 second stand alone ads that feature just your business. 
  • New TV commercials from 2019 that reflect this will be uploaded to our website soon. 

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