The Brief ?

Grow the brand significantly, raise the profile to compete with larger national first home buyers building companies, increasing sales 


We completed a thorough Competitor Analysis to identify opportunities for the brand. From this we identified that Wow homes main competitors had missed a key market opportunity involving the first home buyers grant. 

The WA government had already invested years and a significant sums into the fhog (first home owners grant) offer so we leveraged the marketing spend off the back of this by tripling the offer. (tripling the first home owners grant) 

The Wow Homes’ Triple The Grant promotion quickly became a brand in itself. 

The campaign strategically targeted first home buyers via television, radio and digital media; the integrated media plan maximised exposure of the Wow brand with the hero being the triple the grant promotion. 

The Approach


Television & radio ads creative:

Producing those memorable television ads and radio commercials was a thrill as we were given the license to make them young, playful, high impact and memorable…we did and they worked big time!

Media buying: 

The offline media planning (selecting the spots for the tv & radio ads) – was carefully targeted to maximise first home buyer reach, the negotiation of the media spend resulted in the best possible audience yield for the spend and the leads went through the roof!


Facebook Content Management: Creating and sourcing content on the page that invites engagement with the page, tying the essence of Triple the Grant into the content on the page.   

Facebook Advertising: Utilising Facebook’s lower cost per click (in comparison to adwords) to channel as many web clicks and possible leads through to the clients landing pages and website. 

Facebook Remarketing: Implementing pixels into the client’s website to ‘digitally stalk’ leads across the Facebook platform. 


Google Adwords Search: Selecting keywords to capture more qualified leads, and channelling these leads through to landing pages and the client’s website. A secondary aim of Google search was to utilise Google Adwords to compensate for the clients low ranking in organic searches.

Google Display & Google Remarketing: Maximising the client’s exposure by placing their ads on relevant websites (selected in discussion with the client). Also implementing remarketing to ‘stalk’ website visitors across the Google Display Network.

REA: Creating the campaign material and messaging as well as managing the campaigns on behalf of the client.

SEO: Rewriting the copy on the client’s website to improve their ranking when potential customers are searching relevant, selected terms.

The Outcome

Changed the landscape and conversation of Perth home builders industry (yay us!) and delivered our client better, more qualified leads while increasing the number of leads per month by up to 500% – tripling the grant and more than tripling their number of leads, conversions to contracts!  

I cannot stress highly enough the importance of having the right people for the job when it comes to marketing. They are genuinely fantastic to deal with and their experience and ideas really work!!

Carl De Luca / Wow Homes