The brief


Raise the profile of the venue, keep it front of mind and support its undisputed position as the go-to northern venue for a delicious feed, fun and relaxing time. 


The Campaign

The Currambine Bar & Bistro is a strong brand with a loyal customer base; we were tasked with maintaining and growing awareness. In order to do this we created integrated digital social media marketing – Facebook and Instagram ads and management, and TV ads (on The Currambine Bar & Bistro, like many of our hospitality and venue clients, made the most of our & social media offerings. This enabled them to increase their exposure to new consumers, increase their touchpoints with warm local leads and present a professional brand persona. 

The approach


TV ( Writing and producing a dedicated ad for the Currambine under the banner; ensuring that costs can be kept to a minimal (under $1600 a week) and aligning the Currambine bar and bistro with the iconic, 


Facebook Content Management:

Creating content with broad appeal for the Currambine Bar & Bistro – emphasising key points about the venue, that it’s primarily family friendly, food focused, light-hearted and fun. 

Facebook Advertising:

Creating seasonal/events based and general advertisements. 

The Outcome

An increase in profit, a growth in loyal customers and a very happy client!