Murray Preston

Many a small thing has been made  big with  advertising

Murray is Media Today’s founder, strategist and creative thinker – yes he’s the one to blame for those ads you ‘just can’t get out of your head’ ??.

He cares passionately about results, and intrinsically knows what makes people tick – enabling him to deliver targeted, clever and explosive ? marketing strategies and creative advertising campaigns, which build that all important emotional connection with your audiences.  

Murray is a tenacious negotiator , and thanks to his 20 years+ relationships with Channel7, Channel9, Channel10, 96FM and NOVA (to name a few) – he is able to buy media at a rate that is very, very hard to beat ?.

♥️ Favourite Work

Discovering the Baby Animals (at BMG), Founding and creating and Bestbrands (, Creating tailored strategies for clients, from Thirsty Camel, Keturah Wow Homes to Next Gen.

? Key Expertise

  • Marketing Strategy 
  • Copywriting 
  • Media Planning  
  • Media Buying Direct from TV & Radio Stations